Nikon P7000Nikon P7000

The best way to describe the Nikon P7000 is as a “compact, mini-DSLR camera”. It is power-packed with features. Its’ external controls and its’ retro-style design give it a

similar look and feel to a DSLR camera.

The Nikon P7000 is an ideal camera for a professional or advanced amateur user who wants to take a quick shot and doesn’t have the time to deal with interchangeable lenses of a

DSLR. It is also a great option for any adventurer who enjoys the quick and comfortable handling and speedy start-up of the P7000 to capture incredible images. Students who want to learn more photographic skills will also enjoy the creative control and flexibility the Nikon Coolpix P7000 has to offer.

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Let’s first look at the design of the Nikon P7000

The Likes: The P7000 features lots of retro aesthetics, including an enclosed optical viewfinder and a built-in pop-up flash. You can also mount an external flash but the built-in one is sufficient for most settings.

The Nikon P7000 has the longest retractable zoom lens of any compact digital camera (7.1x). This let’s you take shots in an incredible array of situations. However, a removable ring around the lens allows you to fit an even wider tele-conversion lens.

The battery of the Nikon P7000

The P7000 is easy and quick to handle. Numerous dials and external controls empower you to make fast changes all around the camera. In fact, the Nikon P7000 has almost all the manual controls a DSLR would have. In addition, it has some important options that only very few compact digital cameras offer:

  • Adjustable Optical Viewfinder, allowing you to compose your picture without using the LCD display. This is especially useful when the sun is bright or when you are in a tight spot trying to shoot a difficult photograph.
  • Quick Menu Dial which is unique to the P7000 and which gives you immediate access to important camera functions.

The Nikon P7000 has 10.1 Megapixel with large 1/1.7 inch CCD sensor, offering one of the biggest 10 Megapixel sensors in its class.The P7000 has a brilliant high-resolution 3 inch LCD screen (921k pixels screen) which helps to choose the right White Balance in a speedy and efficient way. The P7000 has a nice, big battery located in the bottom of the camera. It supports SD, SDXC and SDHC memory cards.

The Dislikes: The LCD screen does not fold out or swivel so in some situations you might need to use the viewfinder for framing.The optical viewfinder shows only about 80% of the angle you can get which might take a little bit of getting use to.The P7000 has no ISO dial which makes the handling a little bit slower. There is no battery bar display to let you know when the battery is nearly empty. I recommend you always carry a second battery with you.

Shooting features

The Likes: The Nikon P7000 makes you feel as if you are shooting with a little DSLR. The camera is packed to the brim with features that give you immense creative control.
With the 7.1x Wide Angle Zoom – NIKKOR ED Glass lens (from 28 – 200mm) you can get right in on the action (you can even zoom in in video mode). With macro shooting you can get exactly as close as you want to be – even up to 0.8 inches.

Auto-focus works great but manual focus was better because of the high resolution on the LCD screen. The shutter speed goes down to 60 seconds in manual mode, which is excellent.

The Nikon P7000 gives you 3 kinds of bracketing: Aperture, Shutter Speed and White Balance. It has an ISO range from 100 – 3200. The full White Balance Suite let’s you customize KELVIN down to the degree. The P7000 also has Active D-lighting for a boost in dynamic range and a built-in neutral density filter.3 inch LCD screen

The Nikon P7000 is all about customization for fast and easy control. 3 different customizable user modes allow you to save your settings and use them in any environment. The zoom memory gives you quick and easy access to your preferred zoom settings.

The Coolpix P7000 comes with a good digital level meter and an accurate histogram. It offers 17 scene modes and you can shoot in JPEG or RAW format. The “in-camera” raw file processing function allows you to turn RAW files into JPEG format. After that you can use either D-lighting or Quick Retouch to enhance the JPEGs.

With the Nikon P7000 you can also record HD 720p movies with full stereo sound. The P7000 has a 3.5mm mic jack that let’s you attach an external microphone for outstanding sound quality.

The Dislikes: If you are doing a lot of long exposure shooting you should note the following: at ISO 800 and higher you have a shutter speed limit that you cannot exceed. At ISO 3200, for example, you are limited to a shutter speed of ½ a second. You cannot go any slower.

The Nikon P7000 does not have as many fun color filters as we would have hoped for. This is our personal preference and you might feel different about it.

As useful as the Raw file format is, the RAW processing of the P7000 is unfortunately quite slow.

Image quality

The Likes: In terms of image quality, the Nikon Coolpix P7000 is again very close to a full DSLR camera. The P7000 provides a beautiful imaging performance in natural light. It also has fantastic low-light sensitivity due to its’  ISO sensitivity of up to 6400 at full resolution. Especially when you shoot at higher ISO, this camera is formidable and handles noise extremely well.
The video offers wind noise reduction. This also works with an external microphone that can be connected via a microphone jack.

The Dislikes: Video: Initially, the Auto-Exposure gets very bright. It then takes quite a while before it settles into an acceptable exposure. When you move the camera subsequently the same thing happens again. Using the Wind Noise Reduction might cut out sounds that you actually want to hear.

The verdictA look at one of the many menus

The Nikon P7000 is a solid compact digital camera with a strong DSLR feel to it. It is small, light and easy to handle and control. It is an ideal camera to carry with you when you travel or for your daily activities. It is easy and fast to handle. Comprehensive customization let’s you fit the camera to your own personal style and preferred shooting environment. Image quality is superb and the RAW file format is a definite advantage. You can even take your Nikon P7000 to events such as concerts were DSLR cameras are not allowed. Just one piece of advice: if you do bring a second battery just in case.


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