Nikon P7000 Review

Nikon P7000Like everything in life, the Nikon Coolpix P7000 has its’ own strength and weaknesses. In this Nikon P7000 Review we aim to present all important facts about this camera to you, so you can make an informed purchasing decision.
The Nikon P7000 is a compact “Point and Shoot” camera. However, the P7000 can take pictures similar in quality to a DSLR camera. Just without having to carry an arsenal of lenses, flashes and other accessories with you.
In fact, the Nikon P7000 is so compact it is the perfect travel companion. It is ideal for excursions, parties, get-togethers and family reunions.
It is also perfect for music concerts and other events where DSLR cameras are not allowed.
It is small enough to carry in your coat pocket (but not your shirt pocket). It is light enough to carry around your neck or on your belt (with special case). It is ideal as a camera you can take with you as a daily companion.

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Nikon P7000 Review

One man’s strength is another man’s weakness

To start our Nikon P7000 review let’s first look at one of the strength of this camera: customization. The Nikon Coolpix P7000 offers its’ users plenty of choices and ways to customize it so that it works exactly the way you like. While this is certainly an important advantage, the downside is a potential slight learning curve. This certainly depends on the individual experience and it won’t take long to learn. Alternatively, you can leave the camera on the default “green” setting, which works just fine, too.
If you normally take pictures in a similar setting, e.g. I mostly take pictures in low light settings, you can set the camera, white balance, flash etc. accordingly and then save these settings as one of 3 user-defined pre-programmed settings. Once they are set you can access and activate them easily from the Quick Selection Wheel. This saves a lot of time and effort.

You can save even more time and effort by using the “My Menu” selector. This selector let’s you choose 6 items for quick and easy access.


A “mini” DSLR?

The Nikon Coolpix P7000 feels comfortable and compact in your hands. It is a solid product (as you would expect from Nikon). It has a rubberized grip and a nice thumb rest, allowing for single-handed shots.
Being a compact camera, the P7000 comes with built-in flash, which can be an advantage if you find that perfect spontaneous shot. However, the Coolpix P7000 also let’s you mount an external flash if you feel the need to do so. (Note from the author of Nikon P7000 review: If you mostly take pictures with an external flash and you don’t mind carrying the extra equipment with you, then why not get yourself a DSLR instead of a compact camera).
The Nikon Coolpix P7000 can be operated from a variety of different menus. But, Nikon also equipped the P7000 with numerous buttons and wheelsNikon P7000 Manual Controls which give it more the “feel” of a DSLR.
Some examples of the 17 wheels and buttons are: a custom mode wheel to switch swiftly between ISO settings, image resolution settings, aperture, shutter and white-balance bracketing modes, and on-screen histograms; a one-touch button for shutter priority and aperture priority, a thumb-operated automatic focus lock and automatic exposure lock button; and a quick selection wheel that includes three user-defined custom presets.
When in Auto mode you can shoot great photos and if you are a novice photographer this is just fine and absolutely sufficient. However, as you get more familiar and start to take more advantage of the manual controls the P7000 will reward you with more satisfaction and even more stunning results.
(Note from the author of Nikon P7000 review: Some people complaint that the wheels could be turned accidentally but I think this is just a question of getting used to).
The P7000 features a large, bright and clear 3inch LCD screen. This is excellent and very helpful – unless the sun is shining too brightly. Unfortunately, the screen does not tilt or swivel which can make it difficult to use during bright sunlight. For those circumstances, Nikon has also added a pretty decent viewfinder, which shows about 80% of the actual angle you get.


Image quality

The most important part of any camera, in my opinion, is the quality of pictures the camera can produce. And our Nikon P7000 review would not be complete without a thorough examination of it.

Here, Nikon have made 2 decisions in particular, which clearly set the P7000 apart from the competition.
The first one is a much longer lens as comparable compact cameras. The 7.1x optical zoom enables the P7000 to take excellent pictures in a much greater variety of situations. The second one is Nikon’s decision, to equip the P7000 with a low resolution sensor.
The result is a compact “Point and Shoot” camera that is able to produce images that are similar to the quality you would expect from a DSLR. White Balance and ISO sensitivity bracketing and built-in neutral density filter also help to achieve that goal. I especially would like to mention the “Automatic White Balance” which I find especially cool.

Nikon P7000 Menu DisplayNikon’s intention to produce a camera that could satisfy both “Point and Shoot” enthusiasts as well as DSLR fans also extended to the image editing features and capabilities of the P7000. The Nikon Coolpix P7000 offers an array of built-in image editing possibilities, for those “less than perfect” shots.
More importantly, however, especially for DSLR users is that the P7000 can also shoot in RAW format. This not only let’s us edit the pictures in Light House, Capture NX2 etc., but it also allows us to maintain our normal work flow to produce images of a professional quality.

Videos, anybody?

Finally, as if taking excellent pictures was not enough for a camera, the Nikon Coolpix P7000 also has 720p HD movie capture capabilities. This is certainly enough to take HD quality movies with external mic input capability. (Note from the author of Nikon P7000 review: If your main focus is to take movies you are better off getting yourself an HD video camera).

The bottom line

Thank you for taking the time to read our Nikon P7000 Review. We hope you enjoyed it and found the in depth information helpful.

The Nikon Coolpix P7000 is a very impressive camera. Solidly built with a beautiful retro design and the well-known Nikon quality. It is a compact camera but in terms of handling, control and image quality it comes amazingly close to a DSLR camera. Its’ compact size and light weight make it the perfect companion on your travels or in your day-to-day activities. The lack of a battery bar display and the LCD screen that doesn’t tilt are some drawbacks but overall the camera let’s you take images of a professional quality. In fact, many professional photographers use the Nikon P7000 as a substitute to their DSLR camera.

Thank you again for reading our comprehensive Nikon P7000 review


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